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Team Avatar Boys Fine Art Print

Team Avatar Boys Fine Art Print

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⟡ Original artwork by Victoria Eng

⟡ You're bringing food for a potluck with friends, but you arrive before everyone and get really hungry waiting 

Do you
A) Wait until everyone arrives to eat
B) Entertain your little animal companion to pass the time
C) Start eating what you brought and end up eating your friend's share too

⟡ Inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender! Featuring Aang, Sokka, and Zuko in traditional Chinese outfits designed by yours truly

⟡ Paper: Printed on 60 lb polar matte paper and comes with 0.5'' white border except for smaller sizes 4x6'' and 5x7''

⟡ Watermark will be removed on physical copy

⟡ Frame not included