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Sunraiser, Shardblade Matte Sticker

Sunraiser, Shardblade Matte Sticker

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⟡ Original artwork by Victoria Eng

⟡ Inspired by Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series

⟡ Sunraiser was previously owned by King Elhokar

⟡ Sunraiser is a long sword with a thin blade and a large crossguard. Running down its sides are the ten fundamental glyphs, representing the ten orders of Knights Radiant. It's light enough to be held in one hand even by a person without Shardplate. However, it is more suited to two-handed wielding and has a particularly long ricasso that lends itself to half-swording.

⟡ Listing is for one sticker

⟡ Printed on glossy paper + laminated!

⟡ Height is 4.5'' + Width is 1.5'' 

⟡ Sticker is hand cut (so expect slight imperfection in the white edges.)

⟡ Weatherproof + scratch resistant 

⟡ Watermark will be moved on physical copy