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Strawberry Delight Sticker Pack

Strawberry Delight Sticker Pack

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♡ Strawberry Delight featuring Mochi clinging onto that marshmallow for dear life🍦

♡ Listing is for 3 stickers (2 small Strawberries + 1 Strawberry Whip Drink), buy in a batch for a deal!

♡ Printed on glossy paper + laminated!

♡ Height of Strawberry Whip is 3'' + Width is 2'' 

♡ Height of small strawberries is 1'' + Width is .9''

♡ Sticker is hand cut (so expect slight imperfection in the white edges.)

♡ Weatherproof + scratch resistant 

♡ Use your nails to gently peel the backing (back side of sticker), there's a small slit on the bottom to help!