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Mayalaran, Shardblade Matte Sticker

Mayalaran, Shardblade Matte Sticker

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⟡ Original artwork by Victoria Eng

⟡ Inspired by Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series

⟡ Mayalaran is a  deadeye Cultivation spren who was bonded to an Edgedancer before the Recreance

⟡ This shardblade is shaped like a larger version of a standard longsword, and is similar to the large two-handed broadswords traditionally wielded by the Horneaters. The cutting edge is smooth and sinuous, like an eel, while the back has ridges of crystal. When summoned, the mist it forms from is in the shape of vines.

⟡ Listing is for one sticker

⟡ Printed on matte paper + laminated!

⟡ Height is 4.75'' + Width is 1.2'' 

⟡ Sticker is hand cut (so expect slight imperfection in the white edges.)

⟡ Weatherproof + scratch resistant 

⟡ Use your nails to gently peel the backing (back side of sticker), there's a small slit on the bottom to help!

⟡ Watermark will be moved on physical copy